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The Significant Life System™

 A Common-Sense Approach to Building Financial Wealth

The Significant Life System  offers an important paradigm shift regarding wealth-creation. It questions the financial assumptions we’ve come to accept without question, and provides alternatives to “typical” financial planning.

“Are your finances holding you back from having a Significant Life™?”

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Our services are specifically tailored for business owners, professionals and executives

The way you make your living gives you access to financial strategies that aren’t available to most people. The unique attributes of business ownership and/or your higher income level opens the way for these alternative approaches.

Ask yourself: “Are you taking full advantage of all the opportunities available?”

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A properly constructed cash flow provides an easy to follow system, unlocking a significant portion of your monthly income to focus on those things that matter most to you.  These plans include strategies to pay off debt quickly and efficiently while recovering of lost opportunity costs and interest expenses.

Implementing a business cash flow plan along side a personal cash flow plan allows business owners to make better informed business decisions and reduce businesses expenses.

All plans are built and monitored by a Certified Cash Flow SpecialistTM.

Misunderstood and often poorly implemented, Income Protection & Risk Management plans are a fundamental component of all financial plans.

Atlas Wealth Financial income protection plans are designed to fully integrate with your business, corporate and personal finances using advanced insurance strategies to guard your income, your family and your business while at the same time creating GUARANTEED sources of capital.

These capital assets are often very tax-efficient and accessible, allowing for private self-financing opportunities and recovery of lost opportunity costs.

All plans are built and monitored by a fully Licensed Life, Accident and Sickness Insurance Professional.

Atlas Wealth Financial provides a style of wealth management outside of a typical mutual fund or stock brokerage investment experience, requiring specialists in traditional investments and alternative asset classes.  These specialists are engaged through Raintree Financial Solutions and its relationships with professional portfolio managers.

You will engage with professional money managers with a focus on providing consistent results for investors, typically in public market investment environments to maintain liquidity in this portion of the portfolio.

The features of alternative investing can include access to new markets, Pre-IPO or high growth opportunities, Unique income sources and Beneficial tax treatment.

Alternative opportunities include private investment into Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Real Assets and Commodities, Power Generation, Infrastructure, Alternative Lending, Oil, Gas and Mineral, Agriculture, Real Estate and Fixed Income assets.

Retirement Income Solutions

The ideal retirement is not what it used to be as people are working and living longer than ever before.  Most retirement planning method haven’t changed much in over 40 years. They lag behind these new realities.  The result is that they often disappoint with their outcomes.

The question is: “Will you have a successful retirement?”

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Learn why cookie-cutter planning advice is not effective for business owners like you.

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“If only a minority of the population is wealthy, why do we follow the majority financially?”

Conventional financial advice centers around saving money with the banks, investing in the stock market, stockpiling money in government controlled retirement accounts and paying off your mortgage as quickly as possible.

These commonly accepted truths to financial success typically benefit large financial institutions and the government much more than those they claim to serve.

I created Atlas Wealth Financial and The Significant Life System™ to take a fresh perspective on financial advice and provide alternatives to the typical “canned” financial planning advice.

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