Weston B. Fader B.Comm, CCS

Founder and Principal Financial Consultant of Atlas Wealth Financial, Weston graduated from Saint Mary’s University with a Bachelor of Commence Degree, majoring in Global Business Management.


More About Weston

Typical of most professionals in the financial industry, Weston found his start training and working with a recognizable financial services company. Upon completing the Life Licensing Qualification Program, and receiving his Life, Accident and Sickness Insurance licenses, he completed the CFIC course and earned his Mutual Fund license.

While he enjoyed working clients to implement financial planning and income protection solutions, Weston was increasingly unsettled with the investment advice and financial products available. With over 3,000 mutual funds available in Canada that invest largely in the same securities, he couldn’t find more than a handful that he felt confident enough to invest his own money in.

With hardworking parents who did an admirable job of raising four children, honesty and integrity were foundational principals of his upbringing. It was these values that led him to question if the investment recommendations he had been trained to provide were truly the best advice he could offer his clients?

This set Weston on a path in search of alternative strategies better suited to his clients’ unique circumstances, and more importantly, their financial needs and dreams. Studying the strategies of the world’s most successful investors like the renowned TIGER 21 group, strong Pension Funds, Harvard and Yale Endowment Funds, major banks and corporations he found they were doing things quite different from what is recommended in typical financial planning.  In fact, the banks and large financial services companies were recommending their solutions to their clients they themselves did not follow or invest in.

Weston learned these high net worth investors were capitalizing on strategies and investment options that the majority of financial advisors knew little or nothing about. Many advisors weren’t even licensed or qualified to offer these kinds of solutions, strategies, and tools.

While Weston enjoyed meeting and working with new clients, he couldn’t continue to offer advice that he did not believe was in their best interest, or could help them achieve their future financial potential.

To truly provide his clients the best advice and solutions possible, he needed to change his approach to financial planning. This was the catalyst that led him away from the world of typical financial services to where he is today, the Principal Financial Consultant with Atlas Wealth Financial.

Weston lives in Saskatoon, Saskatoon and enjoys staying active year round playing hockey, golf, slow-pitch, squash, flag-football and hitting the slopes.  He is an avid reader, and honoured to be a member of the  Canadian Progress Club.

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Melanie Lau

Melanie graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and a Major in marketing.

Melanie joined Atlas Wealth Financial in 2014 as Client Manager and made an immediate impact enhancing our customer service experience.  Everyone has a bustling schedule these days, and Melanie is adept at keeping clients on-track with follow-ups and friendly reminders of what needs to get done.

Melanie’s ability to manage many of the operational tasks of the business allows Weston to focus his time and energy on the most important aspect of the Atlas Wealth Financial practice: the CLIENTS.

If you wish to arrange a time to speak or meet with Weston, please call Melanie who will be happy to schedule a time that works for you.

Melanie lives in Victoria, B.C. with her Husband Wade, daughter, Sidney and their dog, Thor.

Raintree Financial Solutions – Exempt Market Dealer

My partnership with Raintree Financial Solutions  gives me the ability to offer clients select  private investment opportunities available in Canada.

Raintree’s values and “client first” ideology is a fresh take on a company providing investment opportunities to clients.

Independent from large financial institutions, and not financially tied to any proprietary investment products, Raintree significantly reduces the inherent conflicts of interest which are widespread in the investment world.

Additionally, their extensive due diligence and investment selection process are about putting the best interest of clients first.  The process centers around finding “alignment” with your interests as an investor.

The Raintree investment due diligence and compliance procedures require everyone with whom they work to rise to a higher standard.

Managing General Agencies

I work with two of the top Canadian MGAs to offer you comprehensive solutions, support, and specialties in risk management, tax and estate planning, and company benefits.

These MGAs provide access to the major Canadian insurers, providing a broad range of solutions.  This allows me to offer recommendations tailored to each client’s specific needs.

The MGAs have specialized divisions which focus on managing the specific needs of business owners and other high net worth individuals. The collaborative approach of the in-house legal and accounting specialists with your existing advisors (lawyers, accountants, etc.), allows us to provide you a concierge planning service that offers a unique and customized experience for your complex succession, tax and estate planning needs.