Cash Flow Planning Management

Most financial plans ignore cash flow planning. Much more than a monthly budget and some interest expense projections, a properly constructed cash flow plan adds ZERO RISK to your situation while unlocking on average 20%-30% of your monthly income. Plans include strategies for accelerated debt repayment, recovery of lost opportunity costs, and off-setting interest expenses.

Using a personal cash flow plan in combination with a business cash flow plan on average adds 10%-20% to a company’s bottom line and allows the owner to make faster, more effective business decisions.

All plans are built and monitored by a Certified Cash Flow SpecialistTM.

Cash Flow Management

Income Protection & Risk Management

Atlas Wealth Financial income protection plans are designed to fully integrate with your business, corporate and personal finances using advanced insurance strategies to protect your income, your family and your business while at the same time creating GUARANTEED sources of capital.

These capital assets are often very tax-efficient and accessible, allowing for private self-financing opportunities and recovery of lost opportunity costs.

All plans are built and monitored by a fully Licensed Life, Accident and Sickness Insurance Professional.

Alternative Wealth Solutions

Atlas Wealth Financial provides a style of wealth management typically reserved for high net worth investors which requires specialists in traditional investments and alternative asset classes.  These specialists are engaged through Raintree Financial Solutions its relationships with professional portfolio managers.

You will engage with exclusive private money managers with a focus on providing Absolute Returns for investors and who are aligned with your investment goals as success is linked to performance.

Absolute Return portfolios are designed to provide consistent, positive, targeted returns with less volatility than typical investments. They also have the potential for positive returns in flat or even declining market conditions.

The features of alternative investing can include Low correlation to other investments, Reduced volatility, Preservation of capital, Unique risk-adjusted return profiles, Access to new markets, Pre-IPO or high growth opportunities, Unique income sources and Beneficial tax treatment.

Alternative investments include private investment into opportunities such as private equity, power generation, alternative lending, energy sector, agriculture, and various types of real estate

Overhauling Your Retirement Plan

Many retirement planning processes are overly simplistic and discount the long-term effects of inflation, taxes, fees and lost opportunity cost on your assets. They are focused on a small selection of asset classes, with success based on the HOPE that the stock market keeps going up.

An Overhauled Retirement Plan should include the following features:

  • New Life Phase planning laying the ground work for a successful transition into retirement through personal and family growth and milestones.
  • Consolidation of accounts, assets and insurance with a select team of professionals to reduce costs, preserve capital and enhance tax efficiency.
  • Structuring of Retirement Income to work efficiently within tax brackets, reduce strain on assets while preserving valuable tax credits and government benefits.
  • Improved Cash Flows using tax-efficient accounts and ALL of your assets.
  • Reduce Health-Care Risks with customized risk management solutions.
  • Generational Wealth Transfer Strategies tax-efficiently moving assets and preserving capital after you’re gone.
  • Safeguard Retirement Assets with asset classes and investments typically reserved for a select group of High Net Worth investors unavailable through banks and most advisors.

You should look forward to your retirement, not worry if your money will last as long as you do.

For a personalized RediNest report that compares your financial progress to that of other people with similar profiles click the chart:



If you think your retirement plan could benefit from an Overhaul, contact us for a free assessment.