Mark B. – Power Engineer, 2018-08-03

I have come a long way since the first day Weston and I had a consultation. Weston always takes the time to clarify and answer any questions I have. He is very knowledgeable.

I now take pride in a properly diversified portfolio approach that Weston provides versus swinging for the fence with risky penny stocks. I would definitely recommend Weston to my co-workers.

My main goal is to stop working as soon as possible and Weston has been able to greatly assist me in making it a reality!

Client since 2015

Shannon M. – IT Advisory Business Owner, 2018-06-01

Before Weston I was confused, frustrated, and losing money consistently year after year. Weston, he talked to me like a real person and worked with me to find alternatives to just maxing out my RRSPs every year. I’ve been working with Weston for 6 years now and every year I get more confident in my financial health.

I would recommend working with Weston to anyone who has ever been scared to ask a stupid financial question or who would like to have more money…so pretty much everyone.

Client since 2013

Blair & Clare G. – Health Care Professional & Non-profit Executive, 2018-08-13

Several years ago, we were recommended to work with Weston when our Financial Advisor was moving on to another position.  In the years since that recommendation we have found Weston to be extremely respectful of our choices and he has always heard us out when we have a concern.

Weston has helped us organize and plan for our retirement and we now feel comfortable with our future financial stability.  We have passed on Weston’s name as we believe he has our best interests at heart. My wife and I both believe we are much better off financially under Weston’s direction.

Clients since 2014

Richard Grier – President | CEO, 2018-08-19

Over the years I have had different advisors and up until meeting Weston, I found them lacking for a variety of reasons.

  • I got the sense they were only in it for their personal financial gain
  • They only did it as a part time gig to supplement their income
  • They did not have a demonstrated client base showing a wealth increase over a period of time
  • They quit after realizing it is not as easy as it looked when they first started
  • Lack of communication and knowledge of trends and opportunities
  • And the big one for me is they could never really be able help me understand and proposed a “trust me” approach because we were friends

Weston is none of these but rather quite the opposite. In fact we have become good friends through the wealth of information he provides me and he always takes time to help me understand to the point of comprehension.

I would highly recommend Weston and believe that you, like myself will find that those life dreams can become life realities.

Client since 2017

Gary & Donna M. – Retired business owners, 2018-08-13

When my husband and I decided to invest our retirement funds, we were at a lose as where to go for advise. Weston Fader was recommended to us by a former colleague of his, and we are very happy that he did.

Weston is extremely knowledgeable about all of the potential investment opportunities that Raintree offers their clients.

Twice a year you are updated on your investment performance with face to face meetings, however in the meantime Weston always makes himself available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.

We’ve been a client of Weston’s for quite a few years now and look forward to having him guide us through out our retirement process.

Clients since 2013

Sam & Carolyn Wentzel – Project Manager & Children’s Pastor, 2018-08-16

Weston is very professional but yet personal and always responds promptly to any inquiries.  He provides creative investment options that suit our family needs for today while planning to meet our future goals.

We would recommend Weston for cash flow planning to stay on track day to day while planning to meet future financial goals.

Weston invested his time with our family to truly understand our financial challenges and goals. He was able to come back with a solid plan and continued to meet with us regularly to ensure we were on track.

Whenever we had a lifestyle change we notified Weston and he adjusted our family plan to meet our situation while still keeping us on track for our financial future and financial security. If any questions or clarifications were required, Weston was able to answer promptly.

Client since 2013

AB Surgical gynecologist, 2018-08-27

Weston has been working with me for several years now.  He meets with me where and when are convenient for me and always brings a wealth of information to the table.  His knowledge base is excellent and if he can’t answer a question, he always finds it and lets me know quickly.

He always explains the level of risk involved in any recommendations and is sure I am comfortable before going ahead.  I would highly recommend Mr. Fader to anyone looking for a personal experience with an investment manager who delivers.

Client since 2013

Gary & Elaine B. – Retired business owners, 2018-08-07

Our first meeting with Weston impressed us…he made us feel comfortable and we felt he was trustworthy, that’s how we began. It has been a relief to have our finances protected and never have we felt pressured into a decision.

One of the things we like most about Weston, is he treats us as a friend and he cares about us.  Weston never make us feel like we are just another number. We have and continue to recommend Weston to others.  Clients since 2015

Rebecca Hoehne – Dental Hygienist, 2018-08-17

Weston came recommended to us by a friend when we were in our early 20s and we connected immediately. We had never invested our money previously and Weston educated us thoroughly on the different options we had. He has helped us pick the best investment options for ourselves and we feel he continually has our best interest in mind.

We appreciate that Weston offers appointments that work around our busy schedule and that he is easy to reach. I recommend working with Weston because he is very thorough when assessing all financial aspects. He has helped us to save more money than we could have imagined in this stage of our lives!

Thank you, Weston!

Client Since 2013

Lorraine & Cliff C. – Electrical Contracting Business Owners, 2018-08-05

We are very pleased with our experience working with Weston.  He has helped us to recover some of the loses and grow our portfolio preparing us for retirement. We really like that Weston keeps in such close contact with us and that he goes above and beyond to help us when we have questions on other investments.

We would definitely recommend Weston as a financial advisor, we are confident in the direction he has taken us in our retirement planning.

Client since 2014

Nathan W. – Legal Counsel, 2018-08-25

We have enjoyed working with Weston and have been pleased with the service that he has provided.  He is personable, pleasant and communicative.  We appreciate that he has suggested investment opportunities that fit our interests. Furthermore, he has helped us to diversify our portfolio and become financially ready for life’s eventualities.

We do not hesitate to recommend Weston as a capable and diligent financial advisor.

Client Since 2014

Disclaimer: the testimonials presented may not be representative of the views and experiences of other clients and/or investors. Existing Clients were asked to provide a personal testimonial.